mandag den 3. december 2012

My december

I work alot in december. It is the busy'est time in a flowershop.
So I don't have so much time for my son, family and friends.
The next 3 day I will not see him =/ and this is my december.
But I am lucky anyways.
I have a job that I love, and the ppl I work with are so nice.

This will be 2 hard weeks, but the payckeck in januari helps :P
And I try to spend time with friend and family in my spare time, and not just look forward to chritmas eve. but looking forward to        
all the great moments in december :)      

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  1. Hello sweet Christy and Kristian! I tried to find an email adress to contact you but didnt see one so I left a comment ;) I love your blog :)

    1. thank you so much :) my email is